An Example of Ignoring the Noise

Jack (John) Bogle is no stranger to the stock market.  In fact, his career has witnessed all of the market’s ups-and-downs over the past 66 years.  He is the father of the index mutual fund and the champion of the individual investor, and he started the famous Vanguard Group mutual fund company in 1974.  When he retired from his role in 1999, Fortune magazine named him one of the four “investment giants” of the 20th century.

The bottom line is that Mr. Bogle certainly knows a thing or two about the nature of the market.  A couple of his most famous quotes are rather interesting given the recent volatility in the markets:

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Keeping Your Sanity in a Market Storm

In another post, I compared the nature of the stock market to an ocean.  Well, days like today are much like the waves on an ocean and also the weather outside my window, very turbulent and unsettled.  In fact, I would say that the market today is quite irrational compared to anything else in recent memory.  For example, how else can you explain stalwart Disney (DIS) making the 2-day drop that it has with really an insignificant misunderstanding in its quarterly report regarding ESPN while the financial disaster known as 3D Systems (DDD) surges over 15% on yet another lousy quarterly report?

I’ll have to admit that days like this that can be hard on me, but only when I start focusing on the trees instead of the forest.  Here are some things that help keep my mind off of the weirdness of days like this and back onto the long-term picture:

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