Saving to Invest: How on Earth Can this be Done?

Sometimes in the quest to educate people, some things can be overlooked because writers like me assume that the average person already knows something ‘just because’ we do. I’ll admit that I might have made the assumption that most people in this day and age know or ‘should’ know how to save money, whether or not they wish to invest it at some point. This post will give you some stupidly practical ideas on how you can begin to save up money, even if you’ve never done this before. It will end with mention of how you could eventually consider starting to go beyond this by investing.

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Stock Investing Strategies for 40-somethings

The very second post that I ever wrote for this blog just over four years ago was entitled Tips for the Investor Who Started Too Late.  Looking back on it, however, I realize that the tips I gave actually apply to a person of any age starting out in stock investing.

So I’m re-visiting this idea with two goals in mind:  first, targeting a more specific age group and second, walking you through how I’m thinking and making decisions as a late 40-something myself with not a whole lot of time left to my advantage.

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The Most Stressful Thing About Buying a Stock

I hope that what I’m about to share will help you recognize possibly the greatest reason why people lose money in the stock market.  If you can overcome this hurdle, I’m confident that you can experience long-term success as a stock investor.  Why I’m so confident is because I’ve had to overcome this same hurdle myself not just once, but every time I buy new shares in a stock and often with very good long-term results.  One of those times occurred recently and it served as the inspiration to write about this.

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What to Make of the Storm Clouds

Being a stock investor had been a relatively exciting ride until a couple of months ago.  Until then, the stock market had been on an unprecedented upswing, barely being knocked off course since the bottom of the Great Recession in early 2009.  Prior to this current turmoil, the market last underwent a bit of a correction from mid-2015 until early 2016 and had been on a tear until recently.

However, storm clouds have gathered and have been tossing the markets around for a couple of months now, with violent upswings and downswings in the prices of a number of stocks.  At times like this, it’s important for investors of all levels of experience to put things into perspective, especially those of you who’ve only enjoyed a strong market since starting to invest within the past couple of years.  Here are some thoughts and ideas to cling on to.

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A Successful Investor Needs the Right Personality, not Just the Right Resources

Perhaps the greatest benefit to a person who wants to invest their money in this day and age is being able to access a nearly endless amount of information, analysis, and advice about a multitude of investment types, including stocks.  From T.V. resources like CNBC and Bloomberg and BNN and Cramer to web sites like The Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha, the amount of information at first can seem overwhelming.  Not only are the days of having limited resources gone but also having to wait for some resources, like investing newspapers and newsletters, to arrive in the mail.  You can now make investing decisions within minutes of learning about something and no longer days.

But once the dust settles and you have found a handful of favorite resources – or even only one or two – that align with your goals and levels of risk tolerance, the hardest part of investing begins:  finding out whether you have the personality to become a successful investor.

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Lessons Learned from the Recent Market Correction

If there’s one goal I’ve had for this blog all along, it’s to be transparent and honest.  That’s quite easy for someone like me, middle class and not a household name.  I don’t have to uphold a façade, to pretend as though I have it all together, unlike famous people who are very good at pretending.

And honestly speaking, right now it’s tough for “regular” people like me in various parts of North America.  In my part of the continent, jobs are drying up in large numbers due to the various factors we’ve all been hearing about over the past year.  Compounding this is living in a region that’s overly oil-and-gas dependent.

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Why Am I Holding on to Some of My Losers?

There is a range of opinions about how to handle a stock that isn’t quite panning-out the way you had hoped.  Some people will tell you to hold on at all costs and for as long as possible if you still believe in the long-term outlook of the company.  Others will advise you to cut your losses short no matter what, after a 15-20% loss in the case of one of the stock-investing-advice services that I’m subscribed to.

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