How Literally Anybody Can Own a Business

Some of you probably looked at the title of this post and thought that by clicking on it you would be led to one of those sites that tries to sell you on some earth-shattering business opportunity.  Or maybe one of those full-page ads where you keep scrolling down for about twenty minutes, reading various fonts of different size and color that proclaim great and exciting things, only to get to the end and find out that you have to “Click here” to learn more.  Or a video that seems to go on forever with no real leads or answers and, to make matters worse, doesn’t allow you to skip ahead to get to the point.

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Tips for the Investor Who Started Too Late

A popular mantra that people constantly hear about from the investing community is how important it is to “start early”, ideally when one is in their early twenties.  Now by investing, I’ll be referring to investing in the stock market either directly through buying stocks or through mutual funds and other types of investing “vehicles”.  If you want advice about different forms of investing, like real estate, your own business, yourself (i.e. education and training) and the like, these might be topics for another post/posts.  But for now, I’ll be talking about stock investing.

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