How Literally Anybody Can Own a Business

Some of you probably looked at the title of this post and thought that by clicking on it you would be led to one of those sites that tries to sell you on some earth-shattering business opportunity.  Or maybe one of those full-page ads where you keep scrolling down for about twenty minutes, reading various fonts of different size and color that proclaim great and exciting things, only to get to the end and find out that you have to “Click here” to learn more.  Or a video that seems to go on forever with no real leads or answers and, to make matters worse, doesn’t allow you to skip ahead to get to the point.

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Should You Really Invest in Stocks?

I have a friend who, a few years ago, asked me if he should “get into” stock investing.  At the time, I was still wallowing in my losing ways, “gambling” with stocks as I describe in some of my other posts.  My paraphrased reply was:  ‘No, I don’t think you should.  But if you think you really have to, just do the opposite of what I’ve done and you should do just fine!’

What you’ll also read in some of my other posts is how my once-sinking ship has made a drastic turn-around, thanks in large part to subscribing to (and following the advice of!) a couple of stock-investing-advice services with great track records.  And so now, if somebody was to ask me the same question, I would answer an emphatic “Yes!” because I’ve learned that the stock market is not the monster so many people make it out to be once they understand it.

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