Some New Lessons about Buy-and-Hold Investing

Nearly five years ago, and only a couple of years into the re-structuring of my investing mindset that was so desperately needed (I had been a stock investing failure before 2013), I wrote my first post devoted exclusively to the “buy-and-hold” method of investing.  Without much of a track record to that point other than a few emerging winners, it was more of a looking forward with excitement to what might be after a few more years of making this my main investing mindset and practice.

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Giving Your Kids a Financial Leg-Up

Although this is a blog about stock investing, sometimes it’s useful to look at different types of investment of arguably much greater value.  In this case, I will be offering some very practical ideas on how you can invest in the future of your children based upon how my parents, especially my mom, invested into mine.  Even if you don’t have any children of your own yet but plan to, you can learn some very useful advice if you choose to read on.

It is becoming harder in our western society for young people entering adulthood to have any sort of financial advantage going in.  There are many factors against them.

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Lessons Learned from the Recent Market Correction

If there’s one goal I’ve had for this blog all along, it’s to be transparent and honest.  That’s quite easy for someone like me, middle class and not a household name.  I don’t have to uphold a façade, to pretend as though I have it all together, unlike famous people who are very good at pretending.

And honestly speaking, right now it’s tough for “regular” people like me in various parts of North America.  In my part of the continent, jobs are drying up in large numbers due to the various factors we’ve all been hearing about over the past year.  Compounding this is living in a region that’s overly oil-and-gas dependent.

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A Roller Coaster Only Hurts if You Jump Off

Being an investor in this day and age must be an awful lot harder than it was back in the days before you could simply buy or sell a stock with a few clicks or taps.  Now, I’m not talking about the speed and convenience of online trading – I wouldn’t give those up for anything!  Rather, I’m talking about the temptations that quick trading has introduced.

It’s all too easy for a person to get swept up into the temptation to buy a stock that is surging upwards to new heights.  But even easier is the temptation to bail out of a stock that is plunging toward new depths.  Having a smartphone at our side also makes being a rational investor a whole lot harder, especially if we choose to react to every burp and hiccup that the stock market makes throughout an average day – and the odd belch on certain days!

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Some Crucial Lessons About Buy-and-Hold Investing

One mantra that everybody even remotely acquainted with investing has heard for many years now is “buy and hold”.  I first learned about it over 20 years ago, but I was too impatient to put into practice plus I didn’t have the right information.  Finally, after ‘seeing the light’ upon learning the right information, here are some things I’ve learned since putting it into practice.

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