Saving to Invest: How on Earth Can this be Done?

Sometimes in the quest to educate people, some things can be overlooked because writers like me assume that the average person already knows something ‘just because’ we do. I’ll admit that I might have made the assumption that most people in this day and age know or ‘should’ know how to save money, whether or not they wish to invest it at some point. This post will give you some stupidly practical ideas on how you can begin to save up money, even if you’ve never done this before. It will end with mention of how you could eventually consider starting to go beyond this by investing.

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The One Major Flaw with Investing in 'Yourself'

Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a post about the idea of investing in ‘yourself.’ From time to time, I read through the posts I’ve written to see if there’s anything in my investing mindset that has changed that I’d like to give some updated perspective on. Other times, I like to see how time has rewarded sticking to that mindset in the form of successful results.

In this case, I found one problem – one fatal flaw – in the idea of investing most or all of your time, energy, and money in improving yourself: the education, the training, the work experience, all in order to increase your income and thereby better your lifestyle and start to fulfill your dreams.

Here’s the problem:

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Discovering Dividend-Growth Investing

I’m going to start off by stating that I’m embarrassed.  I’ve been actively involved in stock investing since 2006, yet it was only in August 2019 when I finally came to understand the power of investing in stocks that not only pay a decent dividend, but which also regularly increase or ‘grow’ their dividend.  These are commonly referred to as “dividend growth stocks.”

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Confessions of a Serial Wantrepreneur

I’m one of those nerds who has always been fascinated by a business success story.  One of the most exciting things about living in a free-market society is not only the ability for literally anyone – anyone – to start their own business, but also to learn stories about those who actually made it.  The bigger, the better.  I suppose this is why, for most of my adult life, I had always longed to find my own niche with some product and/or service to start a business and become part of that excitement.

When I was younger, as with most youthful endeavors, ignorance was bliss.  I would fantasize about “being in charge” of my own affairs, i.e. having no boss, setting my own hours, keeping more money in my pocket instead of that of my boss and supervisors, etc.  With these dreams and illusions in mind, I set about trying to find that perfect business to start up.

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Some New Lessons about Buy-and-Hold Investing

Nearly five years ago, and only a couple of years into the re-structuring of my investing mindset that was so desperately needed (I had been a stock investing failure before 2013), I wrote my first post devoted exclusively to the “buy-and-hold” method of investing.  Without much of a track record to that point other than a few emerging winners, it was more of a looking forward with excitement to what might be after a few more years of making this my main investing mindset and practice.

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The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs

When I started writing this blog a few years back, I did so mainly with the hope of attracting the person interested in getting a start in this exciting world of investing, the sort of person who isn’t maybe very interested in or successful with financial matters in general and investing in particular.  But what I’ve learned since is how the words “exciting” and “investing” aren’t words that most people would consider putting in the same sentence.

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Why Do Only a Few Investors Succeed?

Investing – in stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc. – is much like anything else.  Out of the many who try it, only a few end up really doing well with it.  But why?  Shouldn’t anybody who bought Apple or Amazon or Starbucks or MasterCard or PayPal or [insert name of ginormous, highly successful company] stock back in the day (or even the past five years) have done well with it?

The funny thing with stock investing in particular is that those who experience the greatest success are defined not by what they do, but more by one certain thing that they DO NOT do.  Let me attempt to frame this in a riddle:

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