What to Make of the Storm Clouds

Being a stock investor had been a relatively exciting ride until a couple of months ago.  Until then, the stock market had been on an unprecedented upswing, barely being knocked off course since the bottom of the Great Recession in early 2009.  Prior to this current turmoil, the market last underwent a bit of a correction from mid-2015 until early 2016 and had been on a tear until recently.

However, storm clouds have gathered and have been tossing the markets around for a couple of months now, with violent upswings and downswings in the prices of a number of stocks.  At times like this, it’s important for investors of all levels of experience to put things into perspective, especially those of you who’ve only enjoyed a strong market since starting to invest within the past couple of years.  Here are some thoughts and ideas to cling on to.

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Choosing What to Invest in Does not Need to be Complicated

When it comes to deciding what to invest in, particularly stocks, people can get easily overwhelmed – especially those just starting out.  Not only are there thousands of stocks to choose from but too many people focus on charts and numbers and the never-ending analysis and advice.  Some of the most successful investors in history, like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, have developed the ability to break things down into simple ideas and have been wildly successful at putting them into practice.

Here are some simple ways to see through the clutter and find great companies to invest in, as inspired by the world’s greatest investors.

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What if You Have a Stock that Doubles?

My previous post dealt with one of the most vexing questions that the stock investor has to deal with, namely the right time to buy a stock.  Now I’ll tackle the other question by listing some ideas about when to sell a stock.  Even though I’ll be exploring this in the context of a stock that’s doubled in price, a lot of what I discuss can be applied no matter what the stock’s current price is.

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When is the Right Time to Buy a Stock?

This is one of the two most vexing questions that the stock investor has to deal with.  The other one, of course, wrestles with the right time to sell a stock.  Some investors will struggle more with buying than selling, some vice-versa, whereas others will struggle with both, and the super-human investor will have no problem with either!

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Tips for the Investor Who Started Too Late

A popular mantra that people constantly hear about from the investing community is how important it is to “start early”, ideally when one is in their early twenties.  Now by investing, I’ll be referring to investing in the stock market either directly through buying stocks or through mutual funds and other types of investing “vehicles”.  If you want advice about different forms of investing, like real estate, your own business, yourself (i.e. education and training) and the like, these might be topics for another post/posts.  But for now, I’ll be talking about stock investing.

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