The Real Key to Investing Success

I’ve devoted two other posts in the past to the mindset needed to be a successful stock investor, this one and this one, but if you’re not into investing or specifically stock investing, those posts also apply to managing one’s money in general.  But since this is a stock investing blog, I want to focus specifically on the one key trait that one absolutely needs to have in order to become a successful stock investor.

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Taking the Emotion out of Investing

Even though this is a blog about stock investing, the principles in many of these posts relate and can translate to success in any form of investing in other areas of life:  education, relationships, and so on.  Really, what point is there to becoming a successful stock investor if you can’t also learn things that make the rest of your life better and of those around you?  Although stock investing can be fun and very rewarding once you learn about and understand it, which also involves getting over any myths and hang-ups you might have about it, there are far more important things to life!

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