Why Does Everybody Love a Sale Except When it’s the Stock Market?

The peculiarity of most people is perhaps no more apparent than how they deal with money.  I find that one of the funniest phenomenons is that of the idea that you’re “saving money” by buying something on sale.  A person might drop $1,000 on a new T.V. that’s on sale, for example, but be more excited by the fact that the regular price was $1,300 and therefore claim that they “saved” $300.  No, they actually didn’t save a single dollar – they just spent one thousand of them!  However, so few people seem to see things this way when it comes to retail spending.

Retailers have most people brain-washed into thinking that spending is actually saving and therefore people from all walks of life don’t get much more excited than when things are on a huge sale.  The most mild-mannered of people can get as excited as a school-kid on a sugar high when an online or in-store search results in finding something (often that they don’t actually need) that’s selling for a major discount.

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Adventure or Ordeal? Depends Upon Your Perspective

If you were to do an online search for the top ten fears/phobias that people have, nearly every list contains two that relate to a similar thing.  One of the phobias is almost always near the top of the list and that is the fear of heights.  Usually not much farther down the list is the more specific fear of flying.  In other words, there’s something about human nature that has a fear of being too far off the ground.

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Lessons Learned from the Recent Market Correction

If there’s one goal I’ve had for this blog all along, it’s to be transparent and honest.  That’s quite easy for someone like me, middle class and not a household name.  I don’t have to uphold a façade, to pretend as though I have it all together, unlike famous people who are very good at pretending.

And honestly speaking, right now it’s tough for “regular” people like me in various parts of North America.  In my part of the continent, jobs are drying up in large numbers due to the various factors we’ve all been hearing about over the past year.  Compounding this is living in a region that’s overly oil-and-gas dependent.

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