The Market Will Sink You if You Don’t Understand It!

Up until a couple of years ago, I was a complete failure as a stock investor.  If there was a mistake in judgment as the result of impatience, greed, or ignorance, I had made it.  But if you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll learn that by starting to receive excellent advice not only on great companies to invest in but also the idea of buying and holding them for the long term, my fortunes have turned around considerably in a short time and so can yours. [UPDATE 2020: Things are still going very well! Buy-and-hold works!]

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Some Crucial Lessons About Buy-and-Hold Investing

One mantra that everybody even remotely acquainted with investing has heard for many years now is “buy and hold”.  I first learned about it over 20 years ago, but I was too impatient to put into practice plus I didn’t have the right information.  Finally, after ‘seeing the light’ upon learning the right information, here are some things I’ve learned since putting it into practice.

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Why Am I Holding on to Some of My Losers?

There is a range of opinions about how to handle a stock that isn’t quite panning-out the way you had hoped.  Some people will tell you to hold on at all costs and for as long as possible if you still believe in the long-term outlook of the company.  Others will advise you to cut your losses short no matter what, after a 15-20% loss in the case of one of the stock-investing-advice services that I’m subscribed to.

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When is the Right Time to Buy a Stock?

This is one of the two most vexing questions that the stock investor has to deal with.  The other one, of course, wrestles with the right time to sell a stock.  Some investors will struggle more with buying than selling, some vice-versa, whereas others will struggle with both, and the super-human investor will have no problem with either!

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