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This site is intended to give practical advice on investing in the stock market. It is not intended to provide professional investing or financial planning advice; this should be sought from a certified professional. Any advice given is based upon various resources found by the author that have also contributed to the success of the author, but the reader understands that following this advice is no guarantee of similar success. The stock of any company mentioned may or may not be owned by the author unless disclosed. Any company’s stock mentioned should only be considered for purchase after the reader has done his/her own research. Investing in any company’s stock involves risk, and the reader is urged to consider risks carefully and to seek additional advice before buying any company’s stock mentioned on this site. In short, the author assumes no responsibility for any financial losses that may be experienced by the reader by following any of the advice on this site.  Conversely, the author does not expect compensation for any financial gains; the sharing of a link to one of the e-books and/or the link to a blog post that has contributed to one’s investing success for the benefit of others will suffice.

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