The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs

When I started writing this blog a few years back, I did so mainly with the hope of attracting the person interested in getting a start in this exciting world of investing, the sort of person who isn’t maybe very interested in or successful with financial matters in general and investing in particular.  But what I’ve learned since is how the words “exciting” and “investing” aren’t words that most people would consider putting in the same sentence.

If anything, investing or any other sort of financial matter isn’t just boring to most people, but I think that most people are outright intimidated by financial matters and so they don’t seek out answers to their financial questions or problems.  I think either they’re afraid that they’ll have to pay somebody to get solid financial advice, or that the advice will be so cryptic that they’ll get no benefit from it and feel that they wasted their time and especially money.  And so most people try to ignore their financial problems, hoping they’ll just somehow go away.

Excitement builds with success

What I’ve learned is that financial matters – creating a budget, starting a savings account, buying your first stock – get interesting only as you get more successful with them.  If you’re under a mountain of debt, if you can’t seem to save more than a few dollars to save your life, if investing is a concept that is totally foreign to you, then you need to get advice and help on these matters.  Starting out is also much easier than one would think:  learning to make and keep a budget will teach you a world of great lessons about money that will benefit more areas of your life than just your personal finances!  Success in the area of taming money in your life is actually very exciting, but you’ll get nowhere fast if you don’t start taking steps toward success.  It can seem boring and tedious at first, but then the excitement builds as your financial situation improves.

It’s my hope that if you aren’t exactly excited about the matter of investing – stock investing in particular – that a blog like this is able to present things in a manner that not only makes sense, but is also at least a bit interesting.

I also hope that, like me, you’ll eventually realize the true power of stock investing:  how ordinary people starting out with even a few hundred dollars can, with patience, discipline, and a desire to learn, grow that money in a way that could some day blow your mind.  I write from experience, and hopefully you’re willing and open-minded enough to learn from it.

The Final Word

I suppose I’ve neglected to mention the (not so) funny thing that I’ve noticed about financial advice blogs, including this one:  the people who seem to read them the most are those already at least a bit interested in or successful with financial matters – even excited – and so now they’re looking for every little tip to improve and hone their money savvy.  The “not so” funny part is me wishing that more people not interested in or successful with financial matters, financial “newbies,” would get interested in blogs like this so that they could also learn how to properly invest their money and experience the same success.

If you’re not yet a success and you’ve read this far, I applaud you and I want to encourage you that there is hope – that whatever bad financial situation you’re in, there’s more than one way out if you’re open-minded and willing to learn from other successful people.

If you’re a brand-new stock investor – or still thinking about it – then I highly recommend the free e-book, Should You Consider Stock Investing?  It could become one of the most beneficial 30-minute reads of your life.

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To new beginnings!

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