So You’re Following this Blog, Eh?

A few months ago, a very curious thing started happening with this blog.  I started getting regular and numerous e-mail notifications about new followers, all with an e-mail address and mostly non-sensical user names.  However, none of them show up in my list of followers and so I’ll call them “mystery followers.”  This is a bug of sorts that other WordPress bloggers have noted in forums, but which nobody seems to have an answer for.  Allow me to entertain some thoughts.

I have a theory that, being a blog of a financial nature, there are a whole bunch of get-rich-quick types looking to find a post announcing that somebody has come into a whole bunch of wealth.  At that point, these mysterious, unknown followers might then attempt to find out all they can about the blogger in question so that they might try to take advantage of that blogger.  I don’t know how they possibly could, unless that blogger foolishly lists too much personal information in their profile.  More realistically, maybe they’re simply searching for the Golden Egg that will forever end their financial struggles.  So they blanket-follow a whole bunch of blogs, hoping that when they receive an e-mail every time a post is published, something in the title might tip them off that their ‘ship has come in.’

This is all conjecture, but I see no other reason why mystery followers like these would be spending so much time and effort trolling through blogging cyberspace and “following” specific blogs without so much as reading any of the wisdom and insight therein.

To them, I say too bad.  By not actually reading anything, they’re missing out on a literal treasure chest of information, distilled and learned the hard way from the most tried-and-true investing principles in existence – not just from blogs like this, but also from other investing resources whose authors can back their words with success.  Even though these mystery followers might be looking for a way to take advantage of a blogger who announces they have become successful or to get rich quick, what they don’t realize in their haste is that true, lasting success in stock investing is a slow burn, baby – it’s about growing wealth slowly.  It isn’t just about finding the best companies to invest in; any great stock advising service like The Motley Fool or Cabot Wealth Network can tell you those for less than a dollar a day.  You also need to dedicate yourself to learning and researching about industry trends and where various industries might be in the future.  Only then should you put your money into the stocks of the leading companies in the most promising industries.  Then, only after owning a particular stock over at least a few years – not just days or weeks or months, but holding on through all market conditions like dips and crashes – do the results begin to appear in ways you never could have imagined at the beginning.  This is why so few investors ever find large-scale success; it simply takes way too much time and patience and discipline, plus there are too many scary bumps along the way.

So back to before, I’m only theorizing about why these trolls/spammers/(insert description here) would be “following” blogs like this with a financial theme, but I thought I’d share these thoughts nonetheless.  I have a few other blogs that I write a post for from time to time, but none of them experience this same phenomenon of mystery followers.  I believe this is because none of them discuss any financial matters nor have money mouth-watering category titles like “Investing,” “Investing strategies,” or “Stock investing”, ones that seem to be bait for those looking to get rich quick instead of grow wealth slow.

If you’re a brand-new stock investor – or still thinking about it – then I highly recommend the free e-book, Should You Consider Stock Investing?  It could become one of the most beneficial 30-minute reads of your life.

One last thing:  be sure to click the Follow button near the top of this page on desktop or after this post on mobile.  (I don’t post regularly because I believe in quality over quantity, so keep an eye on your Inbox.)

To new beginnings!

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